International School « Understanding Oxygen fugacity in Geoscience », 5-9 septembre 2022, Trieste (Italy)

A school to highlight the state of the art, major debates and some case studies about redox processes and oxygen fugacity from the Earth’s interior to the surface. It will bring together experts from various disciplines and it is directed to students and scientists with background on chemistry and physics of the Earth and planetary interiors. The School is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste.


The school will include lectures by experts, hands-on activities and presentations by participants.

  • Theme 1: Oxygen fugacity of rocks and magmas: concepts, thermodynamics and experimental modelling
  • Theme 2: Redox-sensitive elements and state-of-the-art analytical techniques
  • Theme 3: The redox states of Earth’s reservoirs and their relevance for the cycle of elements and atmosphere/biosphere evolution

There will be a total of four practicals, which will take place every day :

  • Practical 1: Data processing in Mössbauer spectroscopy (C. McCammon, V. Cerantola)
  • Practical 2: Data processing in XANES spectroscopy (L. Cottrell, A. Berry, G. Yaxley)
  • Practical 3: Redox phase equilibria in mantle and crustal rocks (E. Green, V. Stagno, S. Schorn)
  • Practical 4: Redox evolution of degassing magmas (R. Moretti)

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